Mechanical Perception

Mechanical Perception


Of all of the times that I have struggled financially up to this point in my life, my first years in college have to lead the list. All of this is well and good, because I know that getting a good college education is going to assist me in finding a job that will help me throughout my entire life. What really stinks about this, however, is the fact that some of the things that go into a college education are just too expensive. This can make it difficult for the average person, such as me to get by.

One of the first things that I am going to mention is the fact that college textbooks are ridiculous, as far as the prices are concerned. I know that it costs a lot of money for companies to put these books together and there are production costs that need to be considered as well. I have always wondered, however, why these textbooks are so much money whenever other books of similar quality were much lower. I was actually surprised to find out why it is that books have increased in cost so much.

I spoke to some people, including my parents and a few college professors who told me that college textbooks were, at one time, much less expensive. As they became more expensive, however, something began to occur that really helped to drive the price up even further. This is the fact that the used book market came into play in a larger way than ever before. Because the book companies were not selling as many textbooks that were new, they began to drive the price up so that they could continue to cover their expenses and still turn a profit. Although I understand how this works, still it is ridiculous for me to have to pay $500 per semester for new textbooks.

Another thing that I find difficult to swallow is the fact that housing is very expensive, even whenever you are staying on campus. This is something that has kept many people from being able to travel to college and to get the education that they really want. There are always going to be low cost possibilities that are available in the local area, but you really need to pick and choose before you decide on which one you are going to live in. After all, you need to be comfortable, even if you need to be comfortable at a discount.

All I have to say is, I don't know what I would do without the student loan that I was able to get. I know that many people have had a difficult time with this, and affording everything from tuition to books to housing has really been a problem. I'm just hoping that I'm able to get through the entire college experience and to get out into the market whenever they are still some jobs that are available to be found. Otherwise, I'll have a very high-priced education that I will never be up to pay for.